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    How long has Gem Barcoding Inc. been in business?

    Gem Barcoding Inc. has been in the label business since 1993. We believe in: "Old Fashioned Values in a High Tech World". Quality industry standard products along with outstanding Customer Service is our tradition. We are a label company with integrity that you can trust year after year. Success is our best testament, with thousands of loyal repeat customers and millions of dollars in sales year after year - Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

    Help! I need to order something but I'm not sure what to order!

    No worries. We are a very easy company to do business with! Simply call us at 1-800-868-2944 and ask us any questions that you might have or email us your question. We have been in the bar coding industry since this industry began and we can definitely help you. Please feel free to ask us anything that you would like. We are here to help you and serve you and it is our pleasure to point you in the right direction. Quality, Integrity and Honesty is what you can expect from every one of our highly trained Sales Representatives.

    I don't see the label (or item) that I am looking for on your site. What can I do?

    It's very easy. All you need to do is to request a custom quote. Simply call us at 1-800-868-2944 or email us. Let us know what size label (or item) that you are looking for and the quantity that you want to order. For example: "I am looking for 40,000 4" wide x 1/2" high thermal transfer labels with a 3" core and 8" overall diameter roll for my Zebra Z4000 printer".

    I placed my order online but you never asked for my credit card information. Why?

    Yes, that is right. The internet is like the wild wild west right now. For safety sake, we prefer that you call us with your credit card information and we will put it on file for you and charge it when you tell us to charge it. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard and Purchase Orders (with approved credit).

    What is the difference between direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels?

    Direct thermal labels are printed without using a ribbon. That is the alphanumerics and bar code are burnt right into the paper. With thermal transfer printing, the ribbon is transfered onto the labels. Generally thermal transfer labels give you a "prettier/glossier" appearance. Other than that (and printing on poly/plastic label materials) there are no difference in the two materials.

    If I am printing on thermal transfer labels, how do I determine how many ribbons to order?

    The general rule in the industry is that you need to order 1 ribbon for every 2 rolls of label stock that you order. Ribbons are an item that can always be used and it is better to have too many rather than too few. Please store them in a cool dry area.

    How do I know whether my printer takes 4" overall diameter rolls of labels or 8" overall diameter rolls of labels?

    No worries. The Gem Barcoding staff is trained to make sure that our customers (new or old) order the right products for their printers. We will double check your order to make sure that what you order will work with the printer that you have. If you have ordered these labels before, place the roll of labels flat on the table with the center cardboard core in the center of the roll facing up and measure across the roll of labels. If it measures 4" or 5", then you have a 4" od printer or if it measures aproximately 8", then you have an 8" od printer. You can always question the Gem Barcoding staff at 1-800-868-2944 or email us.

    Do you have a catalog that you can send me?

    At this time, Gem Barcoding Inc. does not have a paper catalog. Many of the products and services that we offer are listed here on our website. However, we do offer many additional products and services not currently listed on our site. Please speak with your sales representitive if you have any additional questions 1-800-868-2944.

    How will you ship my order?

    We are not in the freight business. We would prefer to ship your order UPS collect on your account# (Please provide us with your account#). That way you are in charge of your own freight. Large (truck) orders we would prefer to ship on your carrier collect (Roadway - collect for example). If you don't provide us with a UPS# or a carrier then we will ship your products for you the least expensive way and bill you for the freight on your invoice.

    How fast will my order ship?

    Orders for stock items will normally ship on the same day as ordered.

    When will I recieve my order?

    We ship nationwide, so our general answer is "Allow 1 week for delivery". In most cases, your order will arrive sooner than 1 week.

    What determined the price of a custom label?

    The quantity of labels that you order determines your price. The larger the quantity ordered - the lower the price. There are fixed costs to setting up a press to die cut a custom label and these fixed costs are amortized across the quantity of labels that you order. Thus the more labels that you order - the lower your price.

    What is the average lead time for a custom preprinted label?

    Average lead times are about 7 to 10 business days after you have signed and approved the label proof.

    Do you supply weather-proof labels and ribbons?

    Yes. We supply labels and ribbons for many special applications like weather-proof labels. In this industry, it is generally recomended that you use some form of Polyester labels for these kinds of applications. We always recomend testing a label material and a ribbon before purchasing. Please contact your sales representative at 1-800-868-2944 or send us an email.

    Do you custom print laser labels?

    Yes, we preprint labels for many different types of applications including: direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, laser labels and dot matrix labels. Contact your sales representative for a quotation today at 1-800-868-2944 or email

    How do I get a bar code for my company?

    You need to contact the UCC (now called GS1) at 1-800-543-8137, 937-435-3870 or Once you have a bar code, you can contact us and we can help you in several ways. If you want us to imprint (with a thermal transfer printer) or preprint labels for you, we can do that. We also can provide you with a printer, software, labels and ribbons so that you can print the labels yourself.

    Do you service printers/scanners and/or offer service contracts on printers and scanners?

    Yes we offer service on both printers and scanners. We recommend service contracts for most thermal transfer printers since they are so reasonably priced now. In many cases, a company can not ship their products out of their warehouse if they don't have a working thermal transfer printer. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your plant. Please contact a sales representative at 1-800-868-2944 for a service contract quotation or request a quotation by emailing us with the make / model and serial# of your printer. (ex Datamax I4308 sn# 1234567890). Like most things in life, it helps to plan ahead. The best time to request a quotation is when your printer is in working condition.

    Can I send my artwork through the internet?

    Yes. Please contact us for more information on sending your artwork files. We prefer Adobe Illustrator files but we can accept other file formats as well.

    If I order using a Purchase Order, what are your terms?

    Our terms are: 1% 10 net 30 (with approved credit)

    Do you ship out side of the United States?

    At this time we only ship within the Continental United States.

    Why can I see items in your product catalog and not be able to order them online?

    Because pricing on these items fluctuates quite a bit and in order to give you the lowest pricing available we like to have a salesperson quote pricing and availability to you at time of purchase.

    When I click on "Browse our product catalog by mfg" or "Printers" or "Scanners" I am not able to order these products online. Why?

    We do our best to sell most items online. However, we feel that some products need to be configured to meet the needs of our customers. We take care of our customers and assess their needs before custom tailoring a solution for them. Our goal is to provide a complete solution that will work for years to come. (Our goal is not to sell as many units as possible).

    Copyright 2005 Gem Barcoding, Inc.