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    It's a convenient method to clean the printhead every time a new ribbon is installed and is a constant reminder to do it.

    The Built in Solution
    CleanStartTM is Fast and Easy:
    • Built in - no need for extra supplies
    • Removes residue before it builds up
    • Ensures that print quality and scans will not compromise over time
    • Helps extend the life of the printhead

    CleanStartTM is an exclusive feature on our new resin enhanced wax ribbon that makes it easier than ever to maintain printheads and print quality with no additional supplies.

    The patent pending CleanStartTM removes debris before it builds up on the printhead so images are always clear, consistent and highly readable.

    CleanStartTM is built right in between the leader and the ribbons. CleanStart is a thin white film coated with a mild cleanser. You pull it through the locked printhead at the start of each ribbon to remove the residue before it builds up.

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    Building Up to the Problem

    This example exhibits streaks at the top of the barcode and throughout the label.

    In this example, buildup has deteriorated the image; it's "snowy" in appearance and reveals voiding.

    This example reveals that a "chunk" of information is outright missing. As a result, the order number appears as 1724 instead of the correct 11724.

    Perfect for Preventative Maintenance

    CleanStartTM provides the regular cleaning necessary to remove normal debris that accumulates when printing before it becomes harmful buildup. Using CleanStartTM delivers the similar effect of an IPA pen or wipe but it is so much easier. There's no searching or maintaining additional supplies.

    Twice the Prevention with our Backcoat

    Our new ribbon incorporates a state-of-the-art backcoat. This next generation backcoat is designed to lubricate and clean the printhead, minimizing buildup with normal use. Extensive in-house and field testing has proven this backcoat can extend printhead life beyond 2 million linear inches, doubling the traditional OEM standard for printhead replacement.

    CleanStartTM works in tendem with the backcoat to keep the printhead clean. It's a preventative combination that can't be beat.

    Ease and Convenience

    5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Printhead with CleanStartTM:

    Step 1 - Rewind tag or label stock and install replacement ribbon featuring CleanStartTM printhead cleaner onto the spindle.

    Step 2 - Feed colored leader through gap under printhead and stop when approximately 1" of white CleanStartTM film is pulled through.

    Step 3 - Lock printhead

    Step 4 - Firmly grip CleanStartTM film on both edges. Gently pull white CleanStartTM film approximately 6 inches. Stop before black printing ribbon.

    Step 5 - Unlock printhead continue ribbons and stock installation as usual.

    Microscopic dirt and residue occur normally as part of the thermal printing process. This magnified picture shows these particles on the printhead.

    CleanStart has removed the debris so it can not build up, maintaining optimum print quality.

    Over time if left untreated, the residue becomes permanent and can result in flaws in the print images.

    Copyright 2005 Gem Barcoding, Inc.